Pneumatic Quick Couplings

In pneumatic fluid power systems, the power is transmitted and controlled through a gas under pressure within an enclosed circuit. The quick couplings are designed and used to join or separate fluid conducting lines quickly without the use of tools or special devices.

P430 Series ISO6150 B standard Pneumatic quick couplings

ISO 6510 B Quick Couplings

s310 series

S310 Series

ISO 6510 B – 1/4, interchangeable with Cejn 310

s430 series

S430 Series

ISO 6510 B – 3/8, interchangeable with Cejn 430

s550 series

S550 Series

ISO 6510 B – 1/2, interchangeable with Cejn 550

S29X Series

S29X Series

ISO 6510 C, Stainless steel 316 Material

EURO Pneumatic quick Couplings

s320 series

S320 Series

EURO 7.6mm, interchangeable with Cejn 320

s410 series

S410 Series

EURO 40.5mm, interchangeable with Cejn 410