Leading the Way in Custom and ISO Standard Quick Disconnect Couplings for Fluid Transfer Solutions

AKJia Hydraulic, a division of AKJia Company headquartered in Ningbo, China, specializes in producing and supplying quick disconnect couplings and related fluid transfer solutions, including hoses and valves sourced from various suppliers. AKJia Company operates six other divisions: power cord manufacturing, string lights, permanent magnets, copper products, small appliances, and a freight forwarding business, each managed by an independent subsidiary.

AKJia Hydraulic operates a 10,000-square-meter facility in Ningbo, China, encompassing engineering, manufacturing, assembly, testing, and administrative operations.

Since its founding in 1999, AKJia has built a trusted reputation for its user-friendly, leak-free designs that minimize fluid restriction, enhancing both safety and functionality.

Before 2010, our primary market was in China, with no direct export business; any international sales were conducted through domestic trading companies. After 2010, our quick connector products began to be managed by the group’s import and export companies, initially accounting for less than 20% of our business. However, with the growth of our OEM business in recent years, the export share has risen to 47%. In 2022, we achieved our highest export volume, reaching USD 8.1 million, with products shipped to the United States, Canada, Italy, Australia, Singapore, Dubai, Malaysia, and other countries.

Our first product was the ISO B quick disconnect coupling. The founder personally promoted it in the hydraulic accessories market in Shenzhen, carrying a bag and securing our first order. With each market visit, he delivered products, gathered user feedback, and continually improved our offerings. At that time, there were almost no domestic manufacturers of such products in China, which provided us with significant opportunities.

Today, our impressive product line features a wide range of standard ISO-certified coupler systems and agricultural interchange products. This includes various ISO interchanges, heavy-duty connect-under-pressure designs, extreme high-pressure solutions, and innovative flush-face, non-spill models.

Unlike foreign manufacturers, our products are primarily sold through the aftermarket, OEM brand processing, and direct orders from equipment manufacturers, rather than through distributors. This has been a limitation for brand building among Chinese manufacturers, and it is an area we aim to improve in the coming years.

Our product specifications and quality are unparalleled. We often collaborate with OEMs to design custom fluid transfer systems tailored to their unique applications. In short, we consistently undertake projects that other manufacturers can’t or won’t.