About us

Our company is specialized in manufacturing industrial products in Ningbo China. Our products are covered in lots of industries like permanent magnets, power cord products, hydraulic components, and exporting related products. AKJia is a brand that we build in 2018 special for exporting products. Hydraulic Quick Coupler is one important product in our business line.

Hydraulic Quick Couplers are important components of hydraulic applications, that are used to join or separate fluid conductors quickly with the use of tools or special devices.  We started producing this type of product in 2000, at that time the quick coupler was not popular in China. People usually used the fittings to connect the hydraulic hose to the devices. The hydraulic quick couplers were exciting and new things for us in that years. We started to copy and fabricate the couplers from the samples one client shipped to us. The first story for the hydraulic quick couplers are not successful, but we spent shipping 3 times of goods to our customers, with improving everything from the failure.

In the next 20 years, we learn and improve step by step, our products started to be accepted by lots of customers from Europe and the USA. Although most of the businesses are indirect, they purchased the quick couplers through the trading companies or the agency in China. It brings us so much information to improve on products and management.

In 2008, the US Finance Crisis destroyed our business, then we had to expand our business by ourselves to find more customers from overseas. we started to build our export team, and we started to improve our equipment to make our products meet the requirements from direct customers from overseas. This helped us improve so fast.

Now our hydraulic quick coupler products have been exported to more than 50 countries. and supply custom producing services for more than 200 clients to meet their special requirements on hydraulic applications. And our products also covered some pneumatic couplers and fittings that special custom fabricating for our customers. Because lots of the customers will do business covered lots of these components. We are going to cover the ball valves and hydraulic hoses in the next years maybe because we have started to help some customers exporting these type products in last years.

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Hdyraulic Quick Coupler Applications

Hydraulic Quick Couplings can be found in lots of hydraulic applications. Usually, you can easily find the ISO A Quick Couplers in agricultural and forestry machinery in Europe and North America, and find ISO B quick couplers in the chemical industry. The No-spill design flat face quick couplers in skid steer loaders, oil industry equipment, high-pressure quick couplers used in hydraulic jacks, and some hydraulic tools. Even some fluid transport lines and some safety rescue equipment will use the hydraulic quick couplers to make the hydraulic products can be operated in an easy and fast way. 

How the quick couplings produced

Automatic CNC machining processing center, all the quick coupler body is processed by automatic equipment, all parts are pretty good qualified. in the video, the machine is machining the brass material quick coupler body. When the brass material is machining, they don’t need cooling water. so it is easy to take a video.

The workers are assembling the quick couplings, the most important parts are assembling the o rings and installing the valves. The workers need to work under a bright light when the item is small. Most of the processes need to operate manually. 

Hydraulic Quick Couplings will be tested in lots of parameters. Some of them will be sample tested but the leakage issue we will 100% tested. They will be tested 3 times. When the valve is installed, it will be tested, the air pressure come from the bottom, and the gauge can track the change of the pressure. If it goes down, the valve should be leaking. Then after being assembled, the separated male and female parts will be tested if they have valves, and the connected couplers will be tested again.