K3300 Series Screw to connect quick couplings

screw-to-connect interchanges parker 1141 series Off Shore Connect Under Pressure Coupler

K3300 Series

Portable Hydraulic Jacks Thread Locked High-Pressure Quick Couplings
AKJia’s K3300 Series the body material is Stainless steel 304 and the sleeve is brass, thread-to-connect design can prevent disconnecting accidentally. and the working pressure can be 72Mpa (10000 psi). stainless steel bodies and brass sleeves. They are high-pressure, threads to connect quick couplings with polyethylene seals that resist extrusion and abrasion. Couplers and nipples are in 1/4″ size and have dust caps and plugs.

K3300 Series – Parker 1141 high-pressure quick coupling Interchange coupler Part Number and Performance

Part Number Description Operating Pressure Rated Flow
Complete Coupler Female Body Half Male Tip Half Body Size Thread size and description PSI Bar GPM LPM
K3300-02 NPT14 K3301-02 NPT14 K3302-02 NPT14 1/4” NPT 1/4” Female 10000 689 3 11.4

K3300 Series – Parker 1141 Interchange coupler Dimensions

Complete Coupler Number Overall Length Female Length Tip Length Hex Hex Hex
L LS LP X1 X2 X3
K3300-02 106.8 50.7 69.9 22 25 22