Screw-to-connect Quick Couplings

Most quick-release couplings are available in ball lock construction. because it is much easier and faster to operate. But many high-pressure hydraulic quick couplings, or couplings that are subject to large vibrations, are threaded connect coupling. For example, quick couplings on jacks and hydraulic breakers.

K3000 ISO 14540 High pressure screwed to connect quick couplings

K3000 Series

AKJia’s K3000 Series high-pressure quick couplings usually can be found in lots of hydraulic rams, hydraulic jacks, and pumps. they are interchangeable with the quick couplings complied with ISO 14540 standard, like Enerpac A-630, Parker 3000 Series

K3100 Series Dump Track dump trailer wet line wing nut quick couplings

K3100 Series

AKJia’s K3100 series is a Wet-Line Hydraulic Coupling screw-to-connect quick coupling that is widely used in dump trucks and dump trailers to connect to wet line hydraulic systems. 

K3200 Series ISO 14541 Screw to connect couplings

K3200 Series

AKJia’s K3200 Series can work interchangeably with the Faster VVS series and Stucchi 40 series, the thread-locked type design, poppet valve, and FKM sealing can supply a high pressure at 72 Mpa. They comply with ISO14541 standard

K3300 Series Screw to connect quick couplings

K3300 Series

AKJia’s K3300 Series the body material is Stainless steel 316 and the sleeve is brass, thread-to-connect design can prevent disconnecting accidentally. and the working pressure can be 72Mpa (10000 psi).


K3400 Series

K3400 series is widely used in Europe, the wet line quick coupling commonly used on live bed/dump trailer wet-line hydraulic systems and other heavy-duty applications.


K3500 Series

Screw to connect coupling interchangeable with Faster CVV and Stucchi VD Series. quick couplings are special for construction equipment like excavators, vehicles, and hydraulic tools.

K3600 Screw to connect quick couplings

K3600 Series

AKJia’s K3600 series is screwed to connect high-pressure quick coupling, the working pressure can reach 76 Mpa which is usually used in mobile equipment, agriculture equipment, etc. they are interchangeable with Holmbury TGW and Gromelle 6000 Series