Hydraulic Quick Coupler

Hydraulic Quick Couplers are used to join or separate fluid conductors quickly without a tool. In a hydraulic fluid power system, power is transmitted and controlled through a liquid under pressure within an enclosed circuit. When people need to operate on changing some parts or need to inspect or remend something, they need to be disconnected. the hydraulic quick coupler is pretty good to use to easy to operate and disconnects and connects quickly. And hydraulic quick couplings are sometimes also used in some applications just for transmitting liquids plumbing connecting and disconnecting.

ISO 7241 Series A Quick Couplings

ISO 7241 Series A

ISO A Quick Couplings

ISO 7241 is a standard for ball-lock hydraulic quick-release couplings. The standard specifies two series of hydraulic quick couplings. ISO 7241 A series hydraulic quick-release couplings are interchangeable in many applications, especially in agricultural and forestry machinery.

ISO B Quick couplings categories

ISO 7241 Series B

ISO B Quick Couplings

ISO 7241 B series hydraulic quick coupling is another quick coupling in ISO 7241 standard. It is identical to ISO 7241 A in that they are both of ball-lock construction. In addition to the size difference, the B series hydraulic quick couplings are made of a thicker material. For the same size, the working pressure performance is better. Therefore, B series hydraulic quick release couplings are often used in better hydraulic equipment.

ISO 5675 agricultural Quick Couplers

ISO 5675

Agricultural Quick Couplings

ISO 5675 standard specifies the essential interface dimensions and the operating requirements for hydraulic couplers employed to transmit hydraulic power from agricultural tractors to agricultural machinery.

Flat Face Quick Couplings

ISO 16028

Flat Face Quick Couplings

ISO 16028 specifies the interface dimensions for interchangeability and specifies the performance requirements for the hydraulic, flush-face type, quick-action couplings for use at pressures of 20 MPa (200 bar) to 31,5 MPa (315 bar), depending upon the coupling size.

screwed to connect quick couplers

Screw-to-connect Quick Couplings

Usually for high pressure

Screw-to-connect quick-release couplings are often used in high-pressure hydraulic equipment or in equipment that is subjected to large vibrations. There are, of course, also some conventional hydraulic applications for safety reasons. In addition to hydraulic jacks, there are applications such as crawler cranes, slip form pavers, test benches, etc.

other quick couplings

Other Quick Couplings

special usage or customized quick couplings

Some equipment manufacturers will request customized produced quick couplings to meet their special requirements on device design. The customized quick couplings will choose the materials for the special liquid, and design the connecting method or high flow, how working pressure requirements, connecting under pressure, etc.