Power plug & outlet Types

One of the biggest problems in today’s world is the use of different power outlet standards. But why does this happen? We have so many products that are meant to be used together, but if they were just built with compatibility to each other in mind, there would be no problem at all. If every country could just agree on one standard, life would be much simpler. Unfortunately, to cover large distances between countries and huge differences in populations it needs to be very flexible. The first power connector was invented around 1880 by Holtz (in German: “Buchse mit Anordnung zur Trennung von Isolatoren”). It had two blades and was used for telegraphs. Later he changed it to three blades and then changed the design to what we now know as a “C” connector.

But it was not until 1985 that the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) started working on standardization of different power plugs and sockets. Since the sixties there were international efforts to create an agreed upon power connector, but they never got any significant support. It took another twenty years for two basic standards (called IEC 60906-1 and IEC 60320-1) to be finalized. This lead finally led to worldwide adoption in different countries, but still it has taken decades for complete compatibility between all products on this planet. Nowadays there are still 19 different plug/socket designs from various countries in use around the world.

Type A

North American/Japanese 2-blade Electrical Adapter Plug and Electrical Outlet


Type B

American 3-pin Electrical Adapter Plug and Electrical Outlet


Type C

European 2-pin Electrical Adapter Plug and Electrical Outlet


Type D

Old British plug Electrical Adapter Plug and Electrical Outlet, almost exclusively used in India and Nepal


Type E

French 2-pin Electrical Adapter Plug and Electrical Outlet


Type F

Schuko plug Electrical Adapter Plug and Electrical Outlet


Type G

 British 3-pin Electrical Adapter Plug and Electrical Outlet


Type H

Israeli 3-pin Electrical Adapter Plug and Electrical Outlet


Type I

Australian plug Electrical Adapter Plug and Electrical Outlet


Type J

 Swiss 3-pin Electrical Adapter Plug and Electrical Outlet


Type K

Danish 3-pin Electrical Adapter Plug and Electrical Outlet


Type L

Italian 3-pin Electrical Adapter Plug and Electrical Outlet


Type M

resembles the Indian type D plug, but its pins are much larger


Country / state / territoryPlug typeSingle-phase voltage (volts)Frequency (hertz)
Abu DhabiG230 V50 Hz
AfghanistanC / F220 V50 Hz
AfghanistanC / F220 V50 Hz
AlbaniaC / F230 V50 Hz
AlgeriaC / F230 V50 Hz
American SamoaA / B / F / I120 V60 Hz
AndorraC / F230 V50 Hz
AngolaC / F220 V50 Hz
AnguillaA / B110 V60 Hz
Antigua and BarbudaA / B230 V60 Hz
ArgentinaC / I220 V50 Hz
ArmeniaC / F230 V50 Hz
ArubaA / B / F120 V60 Hz
AustraliaI230 V (officially, but in practice often 240 V)50 Hz
AustriaC / F230 V50 Hz
AzerbaijanC / F220 V50 Hz
AzoresA / B / C / F230 V50 Hz
BahamasA / B120 V60 Hz
BahrainG230 V50 Hz
Balearic IslandsC / F230 V50 Hz
BangladeshA / C / D / G220 V50 Hz
BarbadosA / B115 V50 Hz
BelarusC / F220 V50 Hz
BelgiumC / E230 V50 Hz
BelizeA / B / G110 V / 220 V60 Hz
BeninC / E220 V50 Hz
BermudaA / B120 V60 Hz
BhutanC / D / G230 V50 Hz
BoliviaA / C230 V50 Hz
BonaireA / C127 V50 Hz
Bosnia & HerzegovinaC / F230 V50 Hz
BotswanaD / G230 V50 Hz
BrazilC / N127 V / 220 V60 Hz
British Virgin IslandsA / B110 V60 Hz
BruneiG240 V50 Hz
BulgariaC / F230 V50 Hz
Burkina FasoC / E220 V50 Hz
Burma (officially Myanmar)A / C / D / G / I230 V50 Hz
BurundiC / E220 V50 Hz
CambodiaA / C / G230 V50 Hz
CameroonC / E220 V50 Hz
CanadaA / B120 V60 Hz
Canary IslandsC / E / F230 V50 Hz
Cape Verde (in Portuguese: Cabo Verde)C / F230 V50 Hz
Cayman IslandsA / B120 V60 Hz
Central African RepublicC / E220 V50 Hz
ChadC / E / F220 V50 Hz
Channel Islands (Guernsey & Jersey)C / G230 V50 Hz
ChileC / L220 V50 Hz
China, People’s Republic ofA / C / I220 V50 Hz
Christmas IslandI230 V50 Hz
Cocos (Keeling) IslandsI230 V50 Hz
ColombiaA / B110 V60 Hz
ComorosC / E220 V50 Hz
Congo-Brazzaville (Republic of the Congo)C / E230 V50 Hz
Congo-Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of the Congo)C / E220 V50 Hz
Cook IslandsI240 V50 Hz
Costa RicaA / B120 V60 Hz
CroatiaC / F230 V50 Hz
CubaA / B / C / L110 V / 220 V60 Hz
CuraçaoA / B127 V50 Hz
CyprusG230 V50 Hz
Cyprus, North (unrecognised, self-declared state)G230 V50 Hz
Czech Republic (Czechia)C / E230 V50 Hz
Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)C / E220 V50 Hz
DenmarkC / E / F / K230 V50 Hz
DjiboutiC / E220 V50 Hz
DominicaD / G230 V50 Hz
Dominican RepublicA / B / C120 V60 Hz
Dubai (not a country, but a state (an emirate) within the United Arab Emirates)G230 V50 Hz
East Timor (Timor-Leste)C / E / F / I220 V50 Hz
EcuadorA / B120 V60 Hz
EgyptC / F220 V50 Hz
El SalvadorA / B120 V60 Hz
EnglandG230 V50 Hz
Equatorial GuineaC / E220 V50 Hz
EritreaC / L230 V50 Hz
EstoniaC / F230 V50 Hz
EthiopiaC / F / G220 V50 Hz
Faeroe IslandsC / E / F / K230 V50 Hz
Falkland IslandsG240 V50 Hz
FijiI240 V50 Hz
FinlandC / F230 V50 Hz
FranceC / E230 V50 Hz
French Guiana (French overseas department)C / E230 V50 Hz
French Polynesia (French overseas collectivity)C / E220 V60 Hz
Gabon (Gabonese Republic)C / E220 V50 Hz
GambiaG230 V50 Hz
Gaza Strip (Gaza)C / H230 V50 Hz
GeorgiaC / F220 V50 Hz
GermanyC / F230 V50 Hz
GhanaD / G230 V50 Hz
GibraltarG230 V50 Hz
Great Britain (GB)G230 V50 Hz
GreeceC / F230 V50 Hz
GreenlandC / E / F / K230 V50 Hz
GrenadaG230 V50 Hz
Guadeloupe (French overseas department)C / E230 V50 Hz
GuamA / B110 V60 Hz
GuatemalaA / B120 V60 Hz
GuineaC / F220 V50 Hz
Guinea-BissauC / E / F220 V50 Hz
GuyanaA / B / D / G120 V / 240 V60 Hz
HaitiA / B110 V60 Hz
Holland (officially the Netherlands)C / F230 V50 Hz
HondurasA / B120 V60 Hz
Hong KongG220 V50 Hz
HungaryC / F230 V50 Hz
IcelandC / F230 V50 Hz
IndiaC / D / M230 V50 Hz
IndonesiaC / F230 V50 Hz
IranC / F230 V50 Hz
IraqC / D / G230 V50 Hz
Ireland (Republic of Ireland, Eire)G230 V50 Hz
Ireland, NorthernG230 V50 Hz
Isle of ManC / G230 V50 Hz
IsraelC / H230 V50 Hz
ItalyC / F / L230 V50 Hz
JamaicaA / B110 V50 Hz
JapanA / B100 V50 Hz / 60 Hz
JordanC / D / F / G / J230 V50 Hz
KazakhstanC / F220 V50 Hz
KenyaG240 V50 Hz
KiribatiI240 V50 Hz
Korea, NorthC / F220 V50 Hz
Korea, SouthC / F220 V60 Hz
KosovoC / F230 V50 Hz
KuwaitG240 V50 Hz
KyrgyzstanC / F220 V50 Hz
LaosA / B / C / E / F230 V50 Hz
LatviaC / F230 V50 Hz
LebanonC / D / G230 V50 Hz
LesothoM220 V50 Hz
LiberiaA / B / C / F120 V / 220 V60 Hz
LibyaC / L230 V50 Hz
LiechtensteinC / J230 V50 Hz
LithuaniaC / F230 V50 Hz
LuxembourgC / F230 V50 Hz
MacauG220 V50 Hz
Macedonia, NorthC / F230 V50 Hz
MadagascarC / E220 V50 Hz
MadeiraC / F230 V50 Hz
MalawiG230 V50 Hz
MalaysiaG230 V (officially, but in practice often 240 V)50 Hz
MaldivesC / D / G / L230 V50 Hz
MaliC / E220 V50 Hz
MaltaG230 V50 Hz
Marshall IslandsA / B120 V60 Hz
Martinique (French overseas department)C / E230 V50 Hz
MauritaniaC / E / F220 V50 Hz
MauritiusC / G230 V50 Hz
Mayotte (French overseas department)C / E230 V50 Hz
MexicoA / B127 V60 Hz
Micronesia (officially: Federated States of Micronesia)A / B120 V60 Hz
MoldovaC / F230 V50 Hz
MonacoC / E / F230 V50 Hz
MongoliaC / F (note: most sockets in Mongolia are universal ones, which accept either types A / C, or types,
A / B / C / D / E / F / G / I / O)
230 V50 Hz
MontenegroC / F230 V50 Hz
MontserratA / B230 V60 Hz
MoroccoC / E220 V50 Hz
MozambiqueC / F / M220 V50 Hz
Myanmar (formerly Burma)A / C / D / G / I230 V50 Hz
NamibiaD / M220 V50 Hz
NauruI240 V50 Hz
NepalC / D / M230 V50 Hz
NetherlandsC / F230 V50 Hz
New Caledonia (French overseas collectivity)C / E220 V50 Hz
New ZealandI230 V50 Hz
NicaraguaA / B120 V60 Hz
NigerC / D / E220 V50 Hz
NigeriaD / G230 V50 Hz
NiueI230 V50 Hz
Norfolk IslandI230 V50 Hz
North Cyprus (unrecognised, self-declared state)G230 V50 Hz
North KoreaC / F220 V50 Hz
North MacedoniaC / F230 V50 Hz
Northern IrelandG230 V50 Hz
NorwayC / F230 V50 Hz
OmanG240 V50 Hz
PakistanC / D230 V50 Hz
PalauA / B120 V60 Hz
PalestineC / H230 V50 Hz
PanamaA / B120 V60 Hz
Papua New GuineaI240 V50 Hz
ParaguayA / C220 V50 Hz
PeruA / B / C220 V60 Hz
PhilippinesA / B / C220 V60 Hz
Pitcairn IslandsI230 V50 Hz
PolandC / E230 V50 Hz
PortugalC / F230 V50 Hz
Puerto RicoA / B120 V60 Hz
QatarG240 V50 Hz
RomaniaC / F230 V50 Hz
Russia (officially the Russian Federation)C / F220 V50 Hz
RwandaC / E / F / G230 V50 Hz
Réunion (French overseas department)C / E230 V50 Hz
SabaA / B110 V60 Hz
Saint Barthélemy (French overseas collectivity, informally also referred to as Saint Barth’s or Saint Barts)C / E230 V60 Hz
Saint HelenaG230 V50 Hz
Saint Kitts and Nevis (officially the Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis)D / G230 V60 Hz
Saint LuciaG230 V50 Hz
Saint Martin (French overseas collectivity)C / E220 V60 Hz
Saint Pierre and Miquelon (French overseas collectivity)C / E230 V50 Hz
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesA / B / G110 V / 230 V50 Hz
SamoaI230 V50 Hz
San MarinoC / F / L230 V50 Hz
Saudi ArabiaG220 V60 Hz
ScotlandG230 V50 Hz
SenegalC / D / E230 V50 Hz
SerbiaC / F230 V50 Hz
SeychellesG240 V50 Hz
Sierra LeoneD / G230 V50 Hz
SingaporeG230 V50 Hz
Sint EustatiusA / B / C / F110 V / 220 V60 Hz
Sint MaartenA / B110 V60 Hz
SlovakiaC / E230 V50 Hz
SloveniaC / F230 V50 Hz
Solomon IslandsG / I230 V50 Hz
SomaliaG220 V50 Hz
Somaliland (unrecognised, self-declared state)G220 V50 Hz
South AfricaC / M / N230 V50 Hz
South KoreaC / F220 V60 Hz
South SudanC / D230 V50 Hz
SpainC / F230 V50 Hz
Sri LankaG230 V50 Hz
SudanC / D230 V50 Hz
Suriname (Surinam)A / B / C / F127 V / 220 V60 Hz
SwazilandM230 V50 Hz
SwedenC / F230 V50 Hz
SwitzerlandC / J230 V50 Hz
SyriaC / E / L220 V50 Hz
São Tomé and PríncipeC / F230 V50 Hz
Tahiti (the largest island in French Polynesia, an overseas collectivity of France)C / E220 V60 Hz
TaiwanA / B110 V60 Hz
TajikistanC / F220 V50 Hz
TanzaniaD / G230 V50 Hz
ThailandA / B / C / O230 V50 Hz
TogoC / E220 V50 Hz
TokelauI230 V50 Hz
TongaI240 V50 Hz
Trinidad & TobagoA / B115 V60 Hz
TunisiaC / E230 V50 Hz
TurkeyC / F230 V50 Hz
TurkmenistanC / F220 V50 Hz
Turks and Caicos IslandsA / B120 V60 Hz
TuvaluI230 V50 Hz
UgandaG240 V50 Hz
UkraineC / F230 V50 Hz
United Arab Emirates (UAE)G230 V50 Hz
United Kingdom (UK)G230 V50 Hz
United States of America (USA)A / B120 V60 Hz
United States Virgin IslandsA / B110 V60 Hz
UruguayC / F / L220 V50 Hz
UzbekistanC / F220 V50 Hz
VanuatuI230 V50 Hz
Vatican CityC / F / L230 V50 Hz
VenezuelaA / B120 V60 Hz
VietnamA / B / C220 V50 Hz
Virgin Islands (British)A / B110 V60 Hz
Virgin Islands (USA)A / B110 V60 Hz
WalesG230 V50 Hz
Wallis and Futuna (French overseas collectivity)C / E220 V50 Hz
West BankC / H230 V50 Hz
Western SaharaC / E220 V50 Hz
YemenA / D / G230 V50 Hz
ZambiaC / D / G230 V50 Hz
ZimbabweD / G230 V50 Hz

Some area list not a country but they have some different power plug and outlet types from the country the belong to. Like Dubai, Hongkong, Taiwan, Macao…When you trip to these area, need to check the outlet and plug types, you may need an adapter for your charging devices.