A6800 Series ISO A Quick Couplings

ISO 7241 Series A Quick Coupling (Carbon Steel)

A6800 Series

AKJia’s A6800 Series is another ISO 7241 Series A Quick Coupling, that we developed as some customers’ requirements. Currently, they are only available on body sizes of 3/4″(20) and 1″(25). As the customer’s feedback, they are usually used on mobile equipment, some forestry industry equipment, and agriculture equipment. The appearance is specially designed and the key parts are hardened for durability that can supply a stable working pressure.

  • Interchangeable with other ISO 7241 Series A Standard quick couplings
  • Poppet valves can prevent leakage when the coupling is disconnected.
  • The ball-locking mechanism supplies the convenience to connect and disconnect.
  • The bodies are machined from the solid bar stock that supplies very good performance.
  • Compatible with Parker 6600 Series, Fast ANV Series, etc.

A6800 Series – Hydraulic Couplings ISO 7241 Series A Part Number and Performance

Part Number Description Operating Pressure Rated Flow
Complete Coupler Female Body Half Male Tip Half Body Size Thread Size and Description PSI Bar GPM LPM
A6800-06 NPT34 A6801-06P NPT34 A6802-06P NPT34 3/4” 3/4” NPT Female 3000 206.8 28 106
A6800-06P G34 A6801-06P G34 A6802-06P G34 3/4” 3/4” BSPP Female 3000 206.8 28 106
A6800-08P NPT1 A6801-08P NPT1 A6802-08P NPT1 1” 1” NPT Female 3000 206.8 50 189.27
A6800-08P G1 A6801-08P G1 A6802-08P G1 1” 1” BSPP Female 3000 206.8 50 189.27

To convert between pressure and flow units, go to the unit conversion page.

  • Default Seals: Default Seals: NBR(Buna-N) Options: FKM
  • Temperature Range: -40° To +250 °F (-40°C To 120°C) for Buna-N Seals ; -15° to +450° F (-26°C To 230°C) fir Viton
  • Pressure rating (Max. Operating Pressure) is based on Non-Pulsating,
  • Low Cycle applications with essentially steady pressure during the operating cycle
A6800 Series ISO A Quick Couplings

A6800 Series ISO A Quick Couplings Dimensions 

Complete Coupler Number Overall Length Female Length Diameter Hex Tip Length Diameter Length Hex
A6800-06 115 85 49 38 57 29 29 35
A6800-08 130.5 98.5 57 44.5 65 34.3 34.3 41