A6200 Series ISO A Male Thread Quick Couplings

Male Thread Coupler ISO A Quick Couplings Carbon Steel

A6200 Series

AKJia’s A6200 series is an ISO A coupler with male threads design, a general-purpose, double shut-off, fluid transfer quick coupling available with leak-free, high flow poppet valve. Our A6200 Series special design to replace the A6000 or A6100 Series for the male threads version. The body size covered from 1/4″ to 1″.

  • Poppet Valves available to prevent uncoupled leakage
  • A dependable ball-locking mechanism holds the mating halves together
  • Critical parts are induction hardened for durability
  • Interchangeable with all ISO 7241 A series couplings(iso a coupler)
  • Interchangeable: Parker 6600 Series, Faster ANV Series, Tomco 5600, Stucchi BIR, Snaptite 61, Dixon K

A6200 Series – Male Thread Coupler ISO 7241 A Quick Coupling Part Number and Performance

Part Number Description Operating Pressure Rated Flow
Complete Coupler Female Body Half Male Tip Half Body Size Thread Size and Description PSI Bar GPM LPM
A6200-02P NPT14 A6201-02P NPT14 A6202-02P NPT14 1/4” 1/4” NPT Male 5000 344.7 3 11.35
A6200-02P G14 A6201-02P G14 A6202-02P G14 1/4” 1/4” BSPP Male 5000 344.7 3 11.35
A6200-03P NPT38 A6201-03P NPT38 A6202-03P NPT38 3/8” 3/8” NPT Male 4000 275.7 6 22.71
A6200-03P G38 A6201-03P G38 A6202-03P G38 3/8” 3/8” BSPP Male 4000 275.7 6 22.71
A6200-04P NPT12 A6201-04P NPT12 A6202-04P NPT12 1/2” 1/2” NPT Male 4000 275.7 12 45.42
A6200-04P G12 A6201-04P G12 A6202-04P G12 1/2” 1/2” BSPP Male 4000 275.7 12 45.42
A6200-06P NPT34 A6201-06P NPT34 A6202-06P NPT34 3/4” 3/4” NPT Male 3000 206.8 28 106
A6200-06P G34 A6201-06P G34 A6202-06P G34 3/4” 3/4” BSPP Male 3000 206.8 28 106
A6200-08P NPT1 A6201-08P NPT1 A6202-08P NPT1 1” 1” NPT Male 3000 206.8 50 189.27
A6200-08P G1 A6201-08P G1 A6202-08P G1 1” 1” BSPP Male 3000 206.8 50 189.27

To find different pressure units or flow units, please see the unit conversion page

  • Default Seals: NBR(Buna-N) Options: FKM
  • Temperature Range: -40° To +250 °F (-40°C To 120°C) for Buna-N Seals ; -15° to +450° F (-26°C To 230°C) fir Viton
  • Pressure rating (Max. Operating Pressure) is based on Non-Pulsating,
  • Low Cycle applications with essentially steady pressure during the operating cycle
A6200 Series ISO A Male Thread Quick Couplings

A6200 Series Dimensions tables

Complete Coupler Number Overall Length Female Length Diameter Hex Tip Length Diameter Length Hex
A6200-02P 85 53.5 26 22 46 11.8 15.2 22
A6200-03P 93 57.5 31.5 27 53 17.3 21.4 27
A6200-04P 107 66.5 38.5 27 62.5 20.5 27 27
A6200-06P 121 81.5 48 36 66.5 29 28 36
A6200-08P 141 96 56 41 79 34.3 36 41

The ISO A quick couplings have some important dimensions that according to the ISO 7241 Series A standard, it can help the users to check the body size of the quick couplings from different brands or suppliers. And other dimensions would be needed to check when you have some special requirements on using the ISO A quick couplings. The ISO 7241 standard A series had listed the dimensional requirements for the necessary dimensions. The quick couplings fit the dimensions, they are interchangeable half-for-half among the different brands. The dimension d on the tip is usually helpful for us to check the body size if you have known the quick couplings are ISO A quick couplings. If you have an ISO A quick coupling but don’t know the body size, you can measure the diameter d. The Thread usually can be customized and we currently have NPT threads and BSPP threads for this series. And for the male thread version, please check A6200 Series, and you also can ask us to customize based on this series, but the dimension of length would be changed.