Quick Couplings For Construction Equipment

Construction equipment is a type of machinery or tool used in the construction industry. Construction equipment can be divided into several categories, including tools and power tools, heavy machinery, and smaller hand-held equipment. Hand-held construction equipment includes items such as hammers, saws, levels, and screwdrivers. Heavy construction machinery ranges from a front loaders to cranes that are used to move large objects. The construction equipment uses a hydraulic system like skid-steers, dump trucks, and hand-held tools, and uses a pneumatic system like nail guns, jack hammers, sandblasters, and paint sprayers all use quick couplings. Here we only list the hydraulic quick couplings that we manufactured.

Flat Face Quick Couplings

ISO 16028 Flat Face Quick Couplings

Flat face quick couplings are widely used in many construction equipments. In particular, small and medium-sized construction equipment such as skid steers, excavators, brands like bobcat, john deere, Caterpillar and other brands of skid steers all use flat face quick couplings.
ISO A Quick connect coupling stainless steel

ISO 7241 Series A Quick Couplings

ISO 7241 Series A is used in most hydraulic systems, and in the construction industry, they are also widely used. Because of the lower cost, it is used more often on some smaller construction equipment. ISO A quick-release couplings are used more often on older equipment than flat face quick-release couplings.

ISO 14541 Quick Coupling

ISO 14541 screw-to-connect quick coupling is also widely used in some construction equipment, its high working pressure performance makes it commonly used in demanding equipment, such as aerial lifting equipment, paving equipment and so on.
K3100 Series Dump Track dump trailer wet line wing nut quick couplings

Dump Truck Wet-Line Quick Couplings

heavy-duty wing nut coupling designed for use in hydraulic lines where dry break and minimum air inclusion are required. It is ideal for hydraulic dump trucks, oil field equipment, sand and salt spreading equipment, dump and demolition trailers, live bed trailers and other heavy duty applications requiring the ability to connect or disconnect under pressure.

Flat face quick couplings are more popular in construction equipment

Flat face quick couplings can be found in many construction equipment, like skid steers, excavators, etc. That’s because, with the addition of Chinese manufacturers, the cost of flat face quick couplings has been reduced, and the advantages of easy operation, easy cleaning, and no-spill have led many equipment manufacturers to choose flat quick couplings. Skid Steer brands such as Bobcat, John Deere, etc. have started to use flat face quick couplings.

Hydraulic Multiplier Kit

In the use of small construction equipment, the use of all will use a set of hydraulic multiplier valves, to expand the multi-way hydraulic control system. The original skid steer or tractor has a single function. Because we are not particularly familiar with the equipment itself, we make custom parts for some brands.

Third Function Kits

 A Third Function Valve is a hydraulic control valve installed on your machine to add an additional hydraulic function. For instance, if you have a machine with only 2 functions, a third function valve can be installed to make the machine perform 3 separate functions. This type of system is used on machines like cranes and excavators. The third function valve provides extra functionality and improves the efficiency of the original two functions by combining them into one controlled process. When purchasing this product, you will need to ensure that it includes certain features such as port size and seal types in order for it to work properly with your equipment. When installing this type of product, it’s important that you follow all manufacturer instructions for safety purposes as well as for best performance results. Some suppliers will custom-produce a third function kit for the special brand tractor or skid steer, like Kubota, John Deere, etc. they will need the quick coupler and related components purchased from us.