Here we listed some documents that would be helpful for the hydraulic industries with some ISO standard files, most of the files are from the internet and some we bought from the other suppliers. if it is not allowed to share with other people, please let us know we will remove it.

ISO standard files for hydraulic quick couplings:

  • ISO 7241:2014 Hydraulic Fluid power – Dimensions and requirements of quick-action couplings
  • ISO 5675:2008 Agricultural tractors and machinery – General purpose quick-action hydraulic couplers
  • ISO 16028:1999 Hydraulic fluid power- Flush-face type, quick-action couplings for use at pressures of 20 Mpa to 31.5 Mpa
  • ISO 14540:2013 Hydraulic fluid power – Dimensions and requirements for screw-to-connect quick-action couplings for use at a pressure of 72Mpa.
  • ISO 5676:1983 Tractors and machinery of agriculture and forestry – hydraulic coupling – braking circuit

ISO Standard files for Pneumatic fluid power:

  • ISO6150:2018 Pneumatic fluid power – cylindrical quick-action couplings for max working pressures of 1 Mpa, 1.6 Mpa, and 2.5 Mpa. Plug connecting dimensions, specifications, application guidelines, and testing.

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