Hydraulic Quick Coupling Series

Hydraulic quick couplings are robust connectors designed for quickly and securely joining hydraulic lines. These couplings enable easy attachment and detachment without tools, minimizing fluid loss and preventing contamination.

Flat Face Quick Couplings

Flat face quick couplings are specialized connectors designed for hydraulic systems, featuring a flat sealing surface that minimizes fluid loss and prevents contamination during connection and disconnection.

ISO A Quick Couplings

ISO A quick couplings are standardized connectors used primarily in hydraulic applications, adhering to the ISO 7241-1 Series A specifications.

ISO B Quick Couplings

ISO B quick couplings are standardized hydraulic connectors that conform to the ISO 7241-1 Series B specifications.

Screw To Connect Couplings

Screw-to-connect quick couplings are durable connectors designed for hydraulic systems that require a secure and robust connection under high-pressure conditions. 

Pressure Washer Couplings

Other Hydraulic Quick Couplings

Camlock Quick Couplings

  • pdfCamlock Coupling Type A
  • pdfCamlock Coupling Type B
  • pdfCamlock Coupling Type C
  • pdfCamlock Coupling Type D
  • pdfCamlock coupling Type E
  • pdfCamlock Coupling Type F
  • pdfCamlock Coupling Type DC
  • pdfCamlock Coupling Type DP