Hydraulic Quick Couplings

Hydraulic Quick Coupling

Hydraulic quick couplings are used to connect and disconnect hydraulic hoses quickly to machines or other sections of plumbing. Quick couplings are also known as connectors and allow the flow of fluids when male and female sides are locked together. Types of Quick Couplings There are six types of quick couplings and each product is discussed […]

Quick Couplings Seals and Gaskets

Seal materials for quick couplings

Seal materials selections important for Quick Coupling Choosing the correct seal material for the O-ring of quick couplings are really important because the quick couplings will be used in a different environment, with different fluids and temperature. The wrong seal material will make the quick coupling leak. To choose a correct seal material, one needs […]

How to Replace Bobcat Hydraulic Quick Couplers

bobcat hydraulic quick couplers

Understanding the working methods of Bobcat hydraulic quick couplers and skid steering hydraulic systems is the key to achieving optimal performance. Maintaining hydraulic systems with the correct Bobcat quick couplings is essential for efficient, leak-free operation. Choosing the right hydraulic quick coupling can make the skid steer machine and the required accessories run smoothly and […]

Build materials used in the construction of hydraulic quick coupler and pneumatic quick coupling

quick couplings material introduction

Build Materials Quick Connect Couplings There are so many build materials used in the construction of hydraulic quick couplings, fluid pipe connecting fittings, pneumatic quick disconnect couplings. They can be metals like Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Cast Iron, Copper, Steel, and Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel. The plastic materials like Teflon (PTFE), PVDF, PFA (fluoropolymers), PVC (poly-vinyl-chloride), Polyethylene […]

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Fundamentals of Quick Connect Coupling


In fluid power systems, if hoses or pipes need to be connected and disconnected frequently, say once a week, then Quick Connect Coupling are likely to pay for themselves quickly through increased productivity. Initially, Quick Connect Couplings were designed specifically for specific fluid applications, and with the development of hydraulic systems in many industries, wide […]

What is BSP Thread?

BSPP BSPT Pipe Thread

BSP Thread British Standard Pipe (BSP) has been used as a standard in plumbing and pipe fittings. There are two types of BSP threads available. One is Parallel threads or we can say Straight threads and the second one is Taper Thread. BSP is BRITISH STANDARD PIPE THREAD– Also known as Whitworth 55° Thread Form […]

What is NPT?


NPT stands for National Pipe Tapered threads, also known as ANSI/ASME B1.20.1 pipe threads. It is a U.S. standard for measuring tapered threads on threaded pipes and fittings. Threaded pipes can give an effective seal for pipes using hydraulic fluids.NPT threads are not interchangeable with NPS (National Pipe Straight) threads. Characteristics of NPT: the angle […]

5 Tips how to choose hydraulic quick coupling

Quick Couplings machinery

Quick couplers have many uses in chemical, manufacturing, transport, testing, and other industries, a quick-connect coupler allows rapid tool replacement and provides a significant increase in productivity. For example, hydraulic testing processes. Quick couplings significantly reduce the time required to test each assembly. Realizing the increase in efficiency far outweighs the increased costs, Many industries […]

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